• KV 5/1 KSV 45/2 W Dimensions (H x W x D): 1120x460x520mm
    Weight - Machine only (no hose or tools): 30KG
    Max. Solids only: 32l
    Max. Liquids only: 40l

The KSV 45/2 W is a portable industrial vacuum cleaner designed to pick up engineering coolant (suds) and metal chippings (excluding large spirals).

Vacuuming at source reduces the risk of injury caused by manual clean down and helps to protect the operator from irritation, rashes and dermatitis often common among people exposed to metalworking fluids.

The motor unit is protected by a ball float system to cut off the suction - preventing over filling of the canister with liquid. The float cage is surrounded with a perforated steel filter to prevent swarf being sucked into the vacuum motors.

A perforated steel basket that holds the metal chippings/swarf sits inside the canister. A lifting handle makes it easy to remove for emptying, whilst a drain hose and stopper enable all liquid to easily be drained from the canister.