Paint dust produced in spray booth and powder coating production areas should be managed in accordance with DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations) and certified to Gas Zone 1/ Dust Zone 21 in most applications. Any electric equipment used in these applications must also comply with DSEAR and be certified safe to use in ATEX environments.

Paint dust is classified as a combustible dust which is normally classified as an ATEX Dust Zone 22 requirement. However, airborne dust and vapours produced during powder coating applications means that more and more production areas are being classified as Zone 1 or Dust Zone 21, category 2.

The Kerstar range includes the ATEX certified compressed air KAV series of industrial vacuums which can be used in Gas Zone 1/Dust Zone 21, category 2 and is also suitable for Gas Zone 2/Dust Zone 22 areas.

KAV vacuums are ideal for safely and efficiently collecting and cleaning paint dust from machinery, the floor, the product itself or the entire production area.

Using ATEX approved industrial vacuum cleaners for cleaning up paint powders and paint dust will help to:

  • Protect operators from harmful particles which can cause serious skin and respiratory conditions
  • Prevent explosions
  • Reduce housekeeping and contribute to a clean and safe production area
  • Improve product quality
  • Protect the environment