Kerstar to focus on ATEX industrial vacuum cleaners

Filtermist Limited, the manufacturer behind the Kerstar brand, has completed a strategic review of its product portfolio and will now be focussing its efforts purely on ATEX rated industrial vacuum cleaners from the Kerstar range. Filtermist acquired Kerstar back in 2019 and all Kerstar branded products are currently manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Telford.

Filtermist CEO, James Stansfield, comments, “The historical Kerstar range that we acquired included a number of products sold into markets outside of our core business of industrial air cleaning. Focussing on Kerstar’s ATEX models means we can dedicate resources to growing this range – an approach which better fits with the rest of our business.”

The Kerstar brand has an enviable reputation in the industrial vacuum cleaners market based on more than 60 years of UK manufacturing excellence. Filtermist is therefore delighted to announce that it has finalised a deal with fellow UK manufacturer Beacon International Ltd which will see the Kettering based company begin manufacturing a number of Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaner models.

Beacon International Logo@2x“The Kerstar brand has historical partnerships with distributors and resellers throughout the UK and Europe, as well as a Beacon subsidiary in New Zealand,” continues James. “When we completed our review and decided to focus on ATEX vacuums we were hopeful that we could do this without causing our existing customers too much disruption. The best option was to find an alternative manufacturer for the non-ATEX models if at all possible.”

Beacon has purchased the rights to manufacture the popular KV range which includes Type H versions suitable for safely cleaning up hazardous dust and debris including asbestos. The agreement also includes the KSV range, and spares and accessories for KV and KSV models. Kerstar Product Manager Ben Kimpton elaborates, “We are really pleased that the KV and KSV ranges will continue to be manufactured in the UK and remain available to Kerstar customers in industries including commercial cleaning.

“Filtermist is keen to further expand its ATEX product offering for our customers worldwide and the deal with Beacon will enable us to do that. We recently introduced the KEVA Premium range – single phase, three-stage filtration vacuums rated up to 99.995% efficiency at 0.3µ to 0.6µ, with a patented filter cleaning system that makes them very easy to use. This was the first development in what we hope will be many more to come.”

Danny Black, Director at Beacon International Ltd, added, "We're honoured to bring the distinguished Kerstar brand under the Beacon International umbrella. Beacon's journey began in 1991 and has been underpinned by continuous innovation, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to first-class service and quality. Across three decades, from pioneering specialist decontamination systems that set industry standards, to broadening our horizons with negative pressure units and specialised vacuum cleaners - our mission has been to serve the ever-evolving needs of our loyal clientele.

"From its modest 'cottage industry' beginnings, Beacon has blossomed into an international emblem of excellence, thanks in no small part to the values and vision of our founders, John and Ros Goodhind. Our enduring dedication to excellence has set the stage for this significant acquisition.

"Incorporating the acclaimed KV and KSV ranges from the Kerstar legacy into our portfolio is a natural progression in Beacon's ambitious vision for the future. We pledge to uphold the manufacturing standards and quality that both Kerstar and Beacon customers have come to expect.

"We extend our gratitude to Filtermist for entrusting us with this esteemed legacy. To our customers, partners, and the broader industrial vacuum community: we invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter. Your continued support fuels our drive towards a future brimming with promise and progress.“

The non-ATEX vacuum cleaners produced by Beacon will be rebranded as the Beacon Kerstar Range – details will be added to Beacon’s website shortly. In the meantime all enquiries for Swarf and Coolant Vacuums and the entire KV range should be sent to Beacon using this link.