Kerstar KSV keeps it clean for Filtermist

UK manufacturer Filtermist International has found that using a Kerstar KSV Swarf Vac has proved invaluable in keeping a new spinning machine and the surrounding area clean and free from coolant and swarf. 

Filtermist invested in a spinning machine at the end of last year to support production of its popular S Series oil mist filters. Traditionally all spinning was carried out on lathes by Filtermist’s skilled metal spinners but increasing demand for the ultra-compact S Series meant it made sense to invest in an element of automation to produce the lids and cases.

When the machine cycle has finished and the enclosure door is opened, swarf including small metal spirals and coolant can enter the surrounding work area. This can quickly build up if not removed, as Manufacturing Manager Brian Lowe explains, “Swarf can build up inside the machine which can affect its performance, and if the area around the machine isn’t kept clean not only does this look unsightly, but it can also be uncomfortable and dangerous for the machine operator.

“We started using a Kerstar KSV 45/2 C swarf vac as soon as the new machine was installed and we use it every day now. It makes it really easy to clean inside the enclosure and makes light work of picking up metal pieces from the swarf mat the operator stands on.

“Obviously I am a bit biased as the Kerstar range is manufactured by my colleagues at our Northampton site, but even if Kerstar wasn’t associated with Filtermist I would still testify to the quality of the products and their performance.”

Kerstar Product Manager Ben Kimpton comments, “The Swarf Vac is available in two models – the 45/2 W for applications where there is more liquid than metal chips and swarf, and the 45/2 C – a cyclone type for applications where most of the liquid has drained away to a sump. Both models feature a stainless-steel caddy and two stage filtration including a perforated steel basket that makes it easy to dispose of swarf.”

A short film showing a KSV in action can be viewed here:

Kerstar KSV Swarf Vacuums are supplied with a 38mm or 51mm hose and accessories kit as standard – find out more by following this link, or call Filtermist Systems Limited on +44 (0) 1952 290500 to find out how Kerstar’s portable industrial vacuum cleaners could help keep your workplace clean and safe.