Comprehensive Servicing now available for UK customers

Kerstar Servicing ImageKerstar understands the importance of maintaining peak performance in industrial cleaning equipment. That’s why with the right care and maintenance, Kerstar ATEX Certified Vacuum Cleaners can last for 10 - 20 years.

Beyond manufacturing, Kerstar has extended its commitment to excellence by offering comprehensive servicing and maintenance solutions for all Kerstar ATEX and Type H certified vacuum cleaners in the UK. It is vitally important that the servicing of vacuums that are used to clean up Hazardous Dusts is undertaken by a professional that understands how to work safely to minimise exposure to airborne dust particles. From an ATEX perspective, any maintenance that includes replacement of parts must ensure genuine approved components are used so as not to jeopardise the ATEX rating. Details of how to safely service all Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaners can be found in the Instruction Manuals which can be downloaded from our Customer Support page.

Kerstar’s Business Development Manager, Brian Folland, emphasises the importance of manufacturer backed servicing. “Maintenance should only be carried out by competent authorised personnel that are equipped with suitable PPE. In environments where hazardous dust particles are present, there is a risk that all parts of the vacuum could be contaminated so should be treated as such. Another appropriate vacuum should be used to clean each component before removal to minimise exposure to hazardous dust particles, and a fully documented decontamination procedure should be followed.”

Kerstar vacuums are manufactured in the UK by Filtermist Limited which operates teams of dedicated service engineers throughout the country. “Offering Kerstar servicing makes perfect sense as our dust engineers are already out on site maintaining other dust control LEV equipment,” continued Brian. “Kerstar vacuums are built to last and with the right care can effectively clean up dust and debris in potentially explosive and hazardous environments for many years.”

Find out more on our new dedicated Servicing page, or Contact Us or your local Kerstar distributor to discuss your servicing requirements.