Clean up your food production site with Kerstar

Kerstar’s brand new range of KEVA Premium industrial vacuum cleaners include patented filter cleaning technology. They are able to safely and efficiently collect loose debris such as crumbs, powders and other small particles, and are effective in cleaning up spills  - preventing them from spreading and potentially contaminating the production area. 

Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is crucial in food production to ensure product safety and prevent the growth and spread of bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants. Substances regularly used in the food industry, including flour, sugar and starches and various other organic ingredients, also have the potential to explode.  Regarded as the perfect all-rounder, the modular range is also ATEX certified and classed as Category 3 equipment, making them suitable for applications in Dust Zone 22 – an atmosphere where air and flammable dust can be explosive. 

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The two new models - the KEVA Premium CBS (continuous bagging system) and the Keva Premium 50L (50 litre drop down collection container) - include patented ‘reverse pulse cleaning’ on the first stage filtration system, preventing undesired wear issues caused by traditional shaking methods found on other vacuum cleaners.  

Dust that is produced as a result of food production can have serious effects on the health of employees.Atex Vacuums (3) Exposure to particles such as flour, can cause serious skin conditions and even occupational asthma. Cleaning the filter in seconds, Kerstar’s patented system eliminates the need for dismantling the vacuum and manually cleaning the filters  - saving time and protecting your employees. 

Other products in the range are the KEVA Type H and the compact KAV Type H model vacuum cleaners, both suitable for Zones 21 & 22 and tried and trusted in the food industry for nearly 20 years. 

The Kerstar range also includes a host of optional extra equipment such as anti-static suction hoses, floor nozzle box and anti-static accessories. It also offers Anti-Static Carbon Fibre Wand Sets which are suitable for high reach cleaning alongside the KEVA 20-45, KAV 15-45 and KEVA Premium models. models. 

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