Cleaning Up in Hazardous Areas with New KEVA Premium Vacuums

Kerstar has introduced an exciting new range of KEVA Premium industrial vacuum cleaners that include patented filter cleaning technology for the safe and efficient collection of hazardous dust, debris and workplace particles that pose a health and safety risk to employees. Kerstar Keva Premiums

Regarded as the perfect all-rounder for your manufacturing facility, the new modular KEVA Premium series is ATEX certified, making it ideal for applications as diverse as powder coating, pharmaceutical, food processing, additive manufacturing, woodworking and much more.

What sets the impressive KEVA Premium Type H cleaner apart from its rivals is the ability to safely and effectively collect hazardous dust particles using a 3-stage filtration system that resides on the negative side of the powerful 230V 50Hz (1150w Max / 1000w Mean) electronically commutated brushless motor. From a health and safety perspective, the KEVA Premium vacuums are classed as Category 3 equipment, making them suitable for applications in Dust Zone 22 – an atmosphere where air and flammable dust can be explosive.

With three stages of filtration that includes two conical M class filters at the first stage, an oversized, metal cased H14 Grade HEPA absolute filter at the second stage and a conductive fabric filter assembly at the third stage, the new vacuum series can achieve a filtration efficiency of 99.995%. Safety is further assured by the robust stainless-steel construction and conductive rollers that eliminate any hazard potential in safety-critical areas, with additional 2m earthing clamp for added protection.  

With two models in the new Premium range, the KEVA Premium CBS (continuous bagging system) and the Keva Premium 50L (50 litre drop down collection container), a key advantage is the new conical filtration system. The M and H14 Dust Class filter units incorporate a new mechanical cleaning system that simply requires a pull on an external lever to undertake fast and efficient filter cleaning. The patented mechanical control enables a reliable, reverse pulsation cleaning action on the first stage filtration system, helping the filters retain maximum efficiency.

Keva Premium Side View

Contrary to a common 'shaker' mechanism for filters, this unique cleaning method prevents undesired wear issues caused by shaking. Cleaning the filter in seconds, the patented system on the new KEVA Premium series eliminates the need for dismantling the vacuum and manually cleaning the filters. This not only saves valuable time, but in instances where hazardous dust is collected, it helps to protect the health and well-being of staff. Furthermore, the ability to frequently, quickly and safely clean the filter prolongs the life of the HEPA filter by up to 50%, reducing operational costs with fewer changeovers. This ease of filter cleaning also ensures that the maximum suction volume of 210M3/h is maintained for extended periods.

The KEVA Premium CBS has been developed with an ingenious bagging system at the base of the unit. This enables users in pharmaceutical and other particularly hazardous environments to safely collect, bag and remove contaminants without ever risking contact with the particulate. Perfect for environments that demand the highest levels of hygiene, safety and staff protection from potentially carcinogenic or harmful waste, the KEVA Premium CBS minimises exposure to any contaminant whilst the quick-change bag system maximises vacuum running hours. Alongside the KEVA Premium CBS is the 50L unit. With a fully enclosed stainless steel collection drum, the KEVA Premium 50L is the perfect unit for a wide variety of industry applications.

From a technical perspective, both KEVA Premium vacuums incorporate the renowned Kerstar 230V 50Hz (1150w Max / 1000w Mean) electronically commutated brushless motor. They also include a stainless-steel roller carriage, 2m earthing clamp, cyclone separator, a 10m connection cable, a flashing LED blockage warning indicator and vacuum pressure gauge that notifies the operator of any potential filter blockages. For customers working in particularly challenging environments, Filtermist can provide a host of optional equipment such as anti-static suction hoses, floor nozzle box, anti-static accessories, carbon fibre high reach pole sets and more.

The new KEVA Premium vacuums will be on show on the Filtermist stand (J91) at the Foodex exhibition from 24th to 26th April. Call our team on 01952 290500 or email to find out more.