See our KV Type H vacuums in action!

Many thanks to our distributor in New Zealand, Beacon Safety Ltd for sharing these photos of our Kerstar KV 25/2H industrial vacuum in action.

This customer in New Zealand is using the KV 25/2H industrial vacuum to safely remove asbestos cement tile cladding from a residential property.

Inhalation of asbestos fibres can cause serious diseases including cancer and asbestosis, and many countries have regulations designed to protect people from exposure to hazardous asbestos fibres.  Using the right equipment when working with asbestos can significantly reduce the risks to health.

A Type H vacuum cleaner is the only suitable way for cleaning up asbestos due to the special type of filter they use. Kerstar’s KV range of Type H industrial vacuum cleaners are specifically designed for dealing with hazardous dusts and debris including asbestos thanks to their robust build quality and three stages of filtration resulting in a filtration efficiency in excess of 99.995% at 0.6 microns.

Visit the asbestos removal section on our website to find out more or view the product datasheet here: 

13 004 Kerstar data sheets_KV 10.1H-KV50H_web.pdf (211.20 kb)

and download our asbestos flyer here: 

012 Kerstar Asbestos Flyer_web.pdf (193.34 kb)

To find out more about Beacon Safety Ltd visit their website at