Health and Safety Executive in support of Swarf Vacuums

In a presentation recently published by Health and Safety Executive about control measures for metal working fluids, Fiona McGarry - HM Inspector of Health and Safety states that “Suitable Swarf Vacuums should be used to remove wet swarf and chips from machine surfaces.”

The presentation also talks about controlling skin exposure and one method that can be used to avoid direct contact with the skin is to use a suitable swarf vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming at source reduces the risk of injury caused by manual clean down and helps to protect the operator from irritation, rashes and dermatitis often common among people exposed to metalworking fluids.

Kerstar manufactures the KSV 45/2 W and KSV 45/2 C Swarf vacuum cleaners which are the ideal solution for machine shop environments as they are capable of cleaning up coolant liquids and picking up swarf/metal chippings from inside the machining centre and also from the surrounding areas.

The 45/2 W model is suitable for applications where there is more liquid than metal chips and swarf, and the 45/2 C features a cyclone which makes it suitable for applications where most of the liquid has drained away to a sump. Both models feature a stainless-steel caddy and two stage filtration including a perforated steel basket that makes it easy to dispose of swarf.

Kerstar Product Manager Ben Kimpton comments, “The Kerstar Coolant and Swarf vacuums provide a quicker, effective, safer method of cleaning down - therefore reducing machine downtime and increasing productivity and output.”

Kerstar KSV Swarf Vacuums are supplied with a 38mm or 51mm hose and accessories kit as standard – find out more by following this link, or call Filtermist Systems Limited on +44 (0) 1952 290500 to find out how Kerstar’s portable industrial vacuum cleaners could help keep your workplace clean and safe.

A short film showing a KSV in action can be viewed here:

You can view the Health and Safety Executive’s presentation here: