Need help maintaining your Kerstar Industrial Vacuum?

As part of its commitment to customer service, Filtermist International offers technical training for anyone tasked with maintaining Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaners.

The Kerstar team recently welcomed J&P Group to Filtermist’s Technical Training Centre in Telford to dismantle a Kerstar KEVA Type H unit.  This involved looking at the various component parts and how to repair or replace those parts if needed.

Kerstar industrial vacuums are built in a way to make all of the parts easily accessible, meaning all models can be serviced and worn parts can be replaced if required. This means customers do not need to invest in a new machine where a repair can be made.

Craig Woodward, Divisional Sales Director (Oil Mist & Industrial Vacuums) commented “The main feedback from the trainees was how easy the units are to maintain, how the units are built to last and how robust these units are from the treatment they receive in normal usage. This is our exact intention so it was great to receive such positive comments.”

Kerstar holds stocks of a range of parts and consumables, and anything not kept in stock as standard can usually be sourced quickly.

Contact our team to find out more about Kerstar’s technical training by calling 01952 290500 or emailing