Kerstar acquisition - three years on

Kerstar Anniversary (600 × 314 Px)

This week marks three years since Filtermist International Limited acquired Industrial Vacuum manufacturer Kerstar. 

Established in 1960, the Kerstar brand includes a range of cleaners, including ATEX-accredited machines for use in explosion risk environments. 

Originally manufactured from a facility in Northampton, production of all Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaners, including Type H and ATEX rated models, moved to Filtermist International Limited’s HQ in Telford at the beginning of 2022 in a bid to deliver increased efficiencies to customers.

“Consolidating all of our manufacturing operations in one location allows us to have better sight of production at all times. It also enables us to share expertise and resources amongst our teams and gives us better control on the quality of all our products," explains Filtermist CEO, James Stansfield.

From effective asbestos fibre collection, to excess coolant and swarf removal in CNC machine tools, Kerstar vacuum cleaners help keep working environments clean – protecting people from exposure to potentially harmful airborne particles. 

Manufactured in the UK, a Kerstar vacuum's heavy duty design is built to last. Kerstar Product Manager Ben Kimpton tells us more: 

“We are very conscious that many manufacturers build their products in a way which forces users to replace them when parts wear out. Our approach is far more sustainable than that – we build our vacuums in a way that means all wearable parts are accessible. This means the machines can be serviced and worn parts can be replaced if necessary - saving end-users money and resulting in less waste going to landfill.”

You can read the original acquisition story here.