Built to Last

Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaners have been manufactured in the UK since 1959 and sustainability has always sat at the very core of the brand.

Unlike many of today’s products which have been designed in the ‘throw-away’ culture in which we now live, the design of Kerstar cleaners is deliberately aimed at making life easier for the owner.

All of the parts are easily accessible, meaning all models can be serviced and worn parts can be replaced if required. This means customers do not need to invest in a new machine if a repair is needed – a replacement part can be fitted and the Kerstar unit will continue to deliver superior cleaning capability.

This ethos is more important than ever in the current cost of living crisis, as Kerstar Product Manager Ben Kimpton explains, “Inflation costs are affecting both consumers and businesses alike, so it’s vital that purchasers take ‘whole of life’ costs into account when sourcing new products and equipment. Whilst the initial purchase price of all products varies, what can appear to be a more cost-effective investment may not actually be the case when you take into account the life expectancy of the product and the cost of consumables.

“We’ve had reports of Kerstar cleaners which are regularly serviced lasting in excess of 20 years! We hold stocks of a range of parts and consumables, and anything we don’t keep in stock as standard we can usually source pretty quickly. Repairing existing machines is a far cheaper option than replacing the entire vacuum, not to mention far more environmentally friendly than sending to landfill!”

Contact your local Kerstar distributor to find out more about Kerstar’s robust range of UK manufactured industrial vacuum cleaners or talk to us direct by calling 01952 290500.