Kerstar at the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre: Revolutionising Battery Tech Cleaning

The UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC) is the UK’s national battery manufacturing facility providing battery manufacturing scale-up and skills for the battery sector. This government-funded facility provides the link between prototype scale and mass production. The facility helps companies prove whether their advanced technologies can be scaled up successfully before committing to the huge investment required for mass production.

Amid this ground-breaking work, Kerstar’s ATEX vacuums have found their place, ensuring a clean and efficient environment for cutting-edge developments at UKBIC.

The facility’s machinery, including AZO mixing machines and dosing & portioning machines, has benefitted from Kerstar’s ATEX rated KEVA vacuums where they have been used to remove carbon, graphite, and silicon-based rubber dusts (as seen pictured). These fine dusts can be particularly troublesome due to their fine nature and potential to contaminate sensitive experiments. However, with at least 10 ATEX rated KEVA vacuums on-site, Kerstar ensures that the UKBIC facility remains clean and free from any debris that could interfere with their innovative work.

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The electric powered KEVA range is rated as ‘Type H’ meaning all models are suitable for picking up hazardous dusts – they are also ATEX certified and can be used in explosive atmospheres classed as Dust Zone 22. As well as being suitable for use in the Aerospace/Automotive sectors, the Kerstar’s KEVA vacuums can also be used in Food & Beverage, Additive Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical industries.

Kerstar is proud to be a part of this revolution, ensuring that the facility’s environment remains pristine and safe for the development of the next generation batteries.

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