Kerstar launches new film

Kerstar recently launched its brand-new film at Interclean 2022 to provide visitors with an understanding of its KEVA ATEX Certified Type H industrial vacuum cleaners range.

The short film, which is created using Computer Generated Images (CGI) outlines the main features and benefits of the KEVA product range along with the three stages of filtration used inside the vacuum.

“This new film is designed to provide our customers, distributors, and other stakeholders with an understanding of where the vacuum can be used and is a great way of bringing the product to life,” comments Ben Kimpton, Kerstar Product Manager.

The film can be viewed on our YouTube channel or via our website here:

Kerstar industrial vacuum cleaners have been manufactured in the UK for more than 60 years - click the links to find out more about Kerstar’s KEVA Type H, ATEX vacuums, or to find details of your local distributor.