Kerstar KEVA adds value for AMEXCI

Swedish additive manufacturing company AMEXCI has reported a reduction in the time it spends cleaning in and around one of its machines since it switched to using a Kerstar KEVA 45H industrial vacuum cleaner.

Established in 2017, AMEXCI provides a wide range of polymer and metal additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) services, including training and workshops, printing components and researching new materials and technologies for customers in a variety of industries.

AMEXCI has been trialling a KEVA to see how it performs compared with its previous vacuum cleaner for effectively cleaning PA12 powder (nylon), and PA2200 and PA2300 powders which are both polymers, from around an EOS P396 additive manufacturing machine. Application Engineer Marcus Axelsson elaborates, “The fine and static nature of the nylon powders used in our P396 machine means it can spread all over the working area including the exterior of the machines, the floor, the walls etc.

“Our old vacuum struggled to cope with the static powder, but the Kerstar KEVA does an excellent job of removing even the smallest traces of powder and means we no longer have to wet wipe after vacuuming – this makes it a lot quicker to clean up at the end of every day.”

The electric powered KEVA range is rated as ‘Type H’ meaning all models are suitable for picking up hazardous dusts - they are also ATEX certified and can be used in explosive atmospheres classed as Dust Zone 22.

Available in three different sizes from 20 to 40 litre capacities, all with stainless steel caddies, KEVA vacuums are especially designed to effectively pick up a variety of hazardous dusts including asbestos, finely divided silica, other dusts classed as carcinogens and highly active pharmaceutical products. As well as in Additive Manufacturing, these hazardous dusts can be found in industries including Asbestos Removal, Food and Beverage, and Pharmaceutical.

Kerstar also offers the KAV range which is designed to do the same jobs as KEVA cleaners, but powered by compressed air instead of electric. The KAV Type H is Kerstar’s most affordable ATEX certified vacuum cleaner range - suitable for picking up hazardous dust and debris in Gas Zone 1 and 2 & Dust Zone 21 and 22.

Contact your local Kerstar distributor to find out more about KEVA and KAV Type H ATEX vacuum cleaners.