HEPA Cartridge Filters

HEPA cartridge filters for Kerstar Type H range of industrial vacuum cleaners providing outstanding filtration and performance. All Kerstar HEPA Filters for Type H Models are H14 grade.

Certified Kerstar Type H industrial vacuums must only be used with a Kerstar certified HEPA filter to ensure it maintains its certification for Type H use.

Part number
1* 25-712-20-023 HEPA Cartridge Filter KV 20-50 H (260mm Dia x 145mm)
2 25-712-10-067 HEPA Cartridge Filter KAV 20, 30 & 45 H KEVA 20, 30 & 45 and KEVA 20, 30 & 45H (ATEX 260mm Dia x 145mm)
3* 25-712-20-022 HEPA Cartridge Filter KV 15/1H & KV 18/1 H (230mm Dia x 65mm)
4* 25-712-20-021 HEPA Cartridge Filter KV 10/1 H (225mm Dia x 55mm)
5 25-712-20-025 HEPA Cartridge Filter KAV 15 H & KAV 18 H (ATEX 230mm Dia x 65mm)
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