According to the World Health Organisation (WHO)* ‘between 1998-2017, floods affected more than 2 billion people worldwide’ and it is widely recognised that this figure is set to rise due to climate change. The ability to clean up swiftly and effectively is paramount for the flood recovery industry – Kerstar’s flood recovery vacuums feature high capacities especially designed to cope with large volumes of liquid.

Suitable models include the KV 100 Wet & Dry and the KV 100 Wet Pump out for use in flood recovery. These vacuums can also be used in water tank emptying, fire services and flat roofing.

The wet pick up model is fitted with a high quality stainless steel submersible pump, automatic float type level switch and 10 metre long see through discharge hose. This allows continuous collection and pump out which is especially useful for flooded basements and tanks, or where it is too far to push the unit to the water disposal point.